The “Over the Top” Children’s Museum

photo (14)

E could control a working mini-crane!

The Philadelphia Please Touch Museum has become our play place. Since joining in January, we have gone nearly twice a month. We’re addicted.  This place is fantastic. We can’t take enough friends or families!  We’ve been during the week and on holiday weekends (which is crazy-busy!), but E always has a great time!

Opening in 1976, the history of the the child-focused museum has grown through many venues and homes, ultimately finding Memorial Hall in historic Fairmont Park.  It is beautiful space with lots of parking!   

On our first visit, the niece said:
photo (12)

The please touch museum was awesome! Huge… over the top. Like the SD [Children’s] museum but on steroids. My favorite part was the supermarket! We were there for two hours and maybe saw a quarter of it?

Our top ten reasons to go to the Please Touch Museum:

Waiting "patiently" for the carousel. E likes to ride the cat.

Waiting “patiently” for the carousel. E likes to ride the cat.

  1. The indoor carousel in winter.
  2. Even the second, third, or fourth time, I am constantly surprised at what grabs E’s attention.
  3. If there is a button, lever, or switch, kids can touch it.
  4. You can bring your own food!
  5. Throughout the day, staff-led activities allow kids to join or not.
  6. Kids can experiment at their own pace. . . our pace seems to be around 100 mph.
  7. While there can be sensory overload, there is also an excellent nap afterwards.
  8. There is a challenge to every exhibit.
  9. You can make as much noise as you want.
  10. There are bathrooms (13)

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