Itching for Spring: The Great Outdoors is Indoors

I’d like to speak to Punxsutawney Phil. Back in early February, he predicted an early Spring, which is not what we’ve been experiencing here in central NJ. Yesterday (3/16), we had freezing rain and enough snow to stick to the grass and trees. Not my idea of an early spring.

However, we had a flurry (pun-intended) of spring-like activities. One of which is a visit with a good friend who has a fabulous garden and has generously shared her seeds with us.  We do not have space, nor time, for a proper garden; but, we happily mooch and help others with their watering needs. E is a master with the watering wand.

We do have a very sunny porch that we hope to grow some easy herbs, veggies, and fruit upon. Last year, I planted some container blueberry plants and perhaps, they will give us some fruit this summer. They are setting lots buds at the moment.

Napkin Silly Elephant & Spider PlantWe have had two planting sessions so far.  The first is the elephant-faced pot on the left. His name is “Napkin Silly Elephant.”  He is the companion to “Spider Plant,” which E made at the farmer’s market last Halloween.  We are awaiting the the grassy hair that should appear in a week.

Our second planting session was bigger and more involved. More dirt. More water. The strawberry kit from Lowes was missing the actual strawberry seeds. (booooo!) Luckily, we had nasturtium seeds handy.

Nasturtium potNow, we wait. . . every day, E asks about the seeds. Every day, we wait. We’ve watched some time-lapse videos of grass growing, but I’m not sure that was a great idea. E doesn’t really have a sense of time, but he likes the video with the dancing grass.


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